Water treatment

zeolit purificarea apei

Filter based on zeolite for water purification has a longer operation than other products on the market today that are not efficient in removing impurities of nitrites and nitrates, heavy metals and other harmful substances potentially present in water consumption. Water filter zeolite-based retains mechanical impurities and forign bodies that occasionally or accidentally entering in the drinking water network.

Water flow keeps the desired capacity of consumer spending filtration process is perfect, without barriers or occlusions. The filter holds harmful elements present in domestic water supply system. The filter is connected to the water by means of some flexible hoses. Filtered water in the first minute will not be used for domestic purposes. The water filtered through the zeolite can be used for consumption as such, but also in the preparation of foodstuffs, it safely.

Zeolite improves the taste, smell and color of water so that, the water gets organoleptic qualities. Water purification filter based on the zeolite material has a filter bed of 500-600 grams of zeolite with a grain size of 1-3 mm.

Zeolite layer located in the vicinity of the inlet of the water retains impurities such as sand, slime, rust, organic impurities, and the rest of filter layer adjusts the mineral balance of the water by retaining the ions of iron, copper, lead, nitrogen, ammonia, etc.. Filtered water thus has characteristics comparable to spring water and has a high resistance to poisons.

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