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In the category of natural products, the zeolite has a wide range of use in various vital areas of society. Zeolite forms part to the family of natural minerals of volcanic origin, with unique physical and chemical properties. Due to the honeycomb structure, zeolite works at the molecular level like a “trap” for various harmful substances: heavy metals, toxins, viruses, bacteria, and many more. Zeolite is one of the rare mineral in nature, negatively charged, that acts like a magnet by isolating harmful substances to the environment. This allows that the area of use of the zeolite to be an extremely wide and serve as a basis of reference in the usual products as well as those in the specialized fields. Doctor zeolite offers you a range of competitive products to a broad spectrum of use. Based on its use in the civic and essential contribution made ​​to the health industry, the zeolite has already become a useful product both for the present as well as the future. Consumers benefits of multiple use as well as the efficiency product in the relevant field.

Doctor Zeolite products areas of use:

Powerful detoxifier for the human body
Strengthens the immune system
Effective antioxidant for the body
• Anti-aging properties
• Health and Beauty
• Adjust pH level
Residual potable water purification
Filter for water treatment
Filters for sewage purification and radioactive
• Contribute to the fight against toxic emissions
• Protect the environment
• Contribute to the purification of industrial gases
Mineral Purifier for: ponds, lakes, marshes
Increased fish production
Create a balanced ecosystem
• Supplement into animal nutrition
• Cat litter absorbent
• Purify the atmosphere and environment around the stables
Contribute to the improvement of the general condition of the animals
Increases the production capacity of animals
Efficient fertilizer for agriculture
• Provide soil fertility in arid zones
• Adjust the soil moisture
• Nutritional supplement for plants
Restores vegetation and neutralize soil acidity
Material for grinding metal surfaces
• Addition for toilet soaps
• Construction materials
• Additives for concrete and mortar
• Mineral additive in the production of foam concrete

In the world there are many types of natural zeolites, and each sedimentary deposit is different. Doctor Zeolit provides consumers products, that are based on natural zeolites of the best quality.

Natural zeolite in different grain size:

Doctor Zeolite has been involved in the recent years in product development based on natural zeolite, with a wide range of applications in various fields, to help and teach people to approach a healthy lifestyle.

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